Unavoidable Signs of Sewage Problem | Plumbers Honolulu

Unavoidable Signs of Sewage Problem | Plumbers Honolulu

Signs Of Sewage Problem | Plumbers Honolulu

Problems with your sewer line will come out through some signs. The moment you know about them, you will feel the need for professional plumbers Honolulu. You will see signs only. But to be confirmed about it, you will have to consult with them. Ultimately with their suggestions, you will need to think about the solutions. The signs you will see are:

Sewer Line Backups

When there is a block on the line, it will back up. Water will start to bubble on the drain or the sink. It happens because of the clog in the line. When the line is blocked, it cannot go anywhere. But getting no way, they will start to back up. Those who have a basement will get the facilities of backing up into the floor drain. In the absence of the floor drain, the sewer will go to the kitchen sink or toilet for backup. It is an odd situation. Besides, if your house has so many trees, their roots can grow in the line and block it. Keep That in mind.

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Slow Water Draining

When the water of your place is draining very slowly, there is a problem with your sewer line. The block in the drain may cause it. It can be for only one or multiple drain blocks together. It will take so much time to drain the water. There may be slow development of the problem. But it is showing signs after many days. But still, try to clear the line; if it does not work, you have a big issue with the sewer line.

Presence Of Mold

Near the sewer line, mold may grow. But only when there is a leak or crack in the line. The liquid will come out from the crack, and the outside effect of that liquid is to grow mold in the walls of your house. Don’t avoid this sign.

Smell Of the Gas

Usually, it is impossible to get the foul smell of sewer gas in your place because the system is concealed with a strong seal. Even after that, you can get that smell only when there is some trouble in the sewer line. That rotten gas smell is disgusting and enough to upset your stomach!

Presence Of Pests

We often ignore the presence of pests because it looks pretty normal to us. Cockroaches, rats, etc., are very fond of living in sewer lines. The number of them will increase a lot if there is a problem with the sewer line. A crack is a reason for it. It is very unhealthy for you to live in a place like that. Because there are chances of spreading disease from them, don’t ignore their presence. Instead, you should check your sewer properly to detect problems.

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Problems In the Foundation

The sewage system is built up with a lot of liquid. Because of this, the corrosion happens after some time. From the single crack, it will begin to weaken the spoil of the foundation. After passing a lot of time, the liquid will create a sinkhole in your basement or damage the foundation. It is a hazardous sign for you indeed. By seeing them, you will understand a problem in your line.


When you face these issues, plumbers Honolulu will give you a way out. You can’t live like this forever. So, it would help if you had a permanent solution, which only experts can offer you.



Q: After How Many Days Should I Clean the Sewer Line?

A: Regular cleaning of sewer lines will not let happen any significant problems. After every 18 to 22 months, it is enough to clean your line. It will save you from many issues, according to the plumber Oahu.

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Q: Which Materials Can Cause a Clog in The Sewer Line?

A: Some things will dissolve in the water of the sewer line, like tissue paper. But things like hair, dental floss, wet tissues, etc. can’t. They create clogs in the line.